Making A Bigger Difference

Operation Round-Up is a shining example of the cooperative difference. The voluntary program directly affects the communities served by Taylor Electric Cooperative by giving back to local volunteer fire departments, the volunteers who never hesitate to rush to the membership during emergency situations.

The round-up fund is created by rounding up member’s monthly bills to the nearest dollar. The additional change is then collected to create the Operation Round-Up account.

For example:

If a monthly billing statement is $168.60, the member would be billed $169.00 and the additional $0.40 would be moved to the round-up fund. The annual average contribution to the individual member is small at approximately $6.00 per year but the cooperative effort is large!

Each April, checks from the round-up fund are presented to area volunteer fire departments. Together, the Taylor EC membership has sent over $450,000 to local volunteer fire departments.

If you would like more information concerning the program and its mission, please contact one of our member service representatives at (325) 793-8500.

The following volunteer fire departments each received a $2,500 donation from the round-up fund in 2020. Member volunteer fire departments (in bold) received an additional $500 for being members:

– Baird VFD
– Blackwell VFD
– Buffalo Gap VFD
– Clyde VFD
– Cottonwood VFD
– Cross Plains VFD
Eula VFD
– Hamby VFD
Hawley VFD
– Jim Ned VFD
Lake Sweetwater VFD
– Lawn VFD
Maryneal VFD
– Merkel VFD
Moro/Bradshaw VFD
Mulberry Canyon VFD
Nolan VFD
Oplin VFD
Potosi VFD
– Putnam VFD
Texas Forest Service 
Trent VFD
View VFD
– Wingate VFD