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Additional Services

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

We know everyone in our community enjoys the beauty and shade trees provide. But trees and power lines can be a dangerous mix without regular trimming.

Joint Use

Taylor Electric Cooperative will make every reasonable effort to provide safe reliable, adequate joint use space. To best accomplish this objective, Taylor Electric shall be contacted and an attachment permit application submitted to Taylor Electric well in advance of your required joint use connection date.

Taylor Electric Cooperative Joint Use Guide For more information regarding joint use please contact us

Tank for indirect heating of boiler, flow filter for fine cleaning, boiler piping and meters in boiler room of private house

Water Heater Installation

For more information or availability call (325) 793-8500

Yard Lights

Taylor Electric offers members the option of having a LED yard/security light installed. To get a yard light installed contact one of our member service representatives at (325) 793-8500.