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Annual Meeting

2024 Annual Meeting of the Membership

We look forward to seeing you, April 18th, 2024. 

History of Our Annual Meeting

Taylor Electric Cooperative has been hosting Annual Meetings since 1939. When electricity first became available, private electric companies didn’t want to run lines to the surrounding rural areas. In order to receive electricity, farmers and ranchers united. They created their own electric resource with aid from the Rural Electrification Administration (REA). Through the REA, they were able to borrow federal funds to begin the electrification process by forming a locally-owned cooperative.

Why Should You Attend?

Similar to a shareholders meeting, the annual meeting is attended by members who have a “share” in the cooperative. Members are invited to meet those who serve them, visit with other members and ask questions. At each annual meeting, management presents updates on cooperative performance and the membership elects board members. Board members review the operations of the cooperative, present membership desires and guide the implementation of those recommendations. When we say member-owned and operated, we mean it!


Voting plays an important role in how the cooperative functions. The cooperative service area is separated into three zones. Two board members are selected to represent each zone and one at-large director from within the cooperative zones. Board members serve a three-year team and voting takes place during the annual meeting. If you are unable to attend, we offer mail-in ballots upon request.

Annual Report 

View the 2024 Annual Report