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Renewable Energy

Distributed Generation

As your local energy experts, we at Taylor Electric want to be your first stop when considering any distributed energy resource such as wind or solar generation. Solar photovoltaic panels and small wind turbines are common renewable energy generation systems that you might be considering for your home. We are available to assist you make educated choices as you consider your renewable energy options.

Important things to know:

  1. Taylor Electric’s Solar Tariff governs equipment installation, system sizing, safety, and metering of any distributed energy resource. Contacting Taylor Electric prior to beginning your project will be the best way to ensure that your plans comply and your project goes smoothly. *
  2. Request a solar audit before you begin your project. One of our energy experts will reach out to you directly upon receiving your information.

*Audit and application must be complete before solar installation at your location as it must be inspected and released by Taylor EC before it can be active.

Energy Services

Solar FAQ

Contacting Taylor Electric prior to beginning any solar project is the best way to ensure that your project complies with the rules that govern solar interconnection. Request a solar audit and our energy experts will help you make educated choices as you consider a solar project for your home. 

No. You will need to select a company to assist you with purchasing and installing your solar system. However, Taylor Electric will work directly with the solar company that you have chosen to ensure they have the information they need to begin the install.

No. A basic solar photovoltaic system will not operate during an electricity outage. You will need to consider a battery storage system to provide electricity during an outage, but these systems are rarely economical.

A solar system that is properly sized and designed can be economical depending on your usage profile and the availability of tax subsidies. However, investing in a solar array for your home is a long-term investment that can take 10 or more years to pay for itself.

Members will be compensated for all KWh’s returned to the electric grid at a rate equal to the avoided cost of generation as determined by Taylor Electric’s power supplier.

No. Each member is subject to a minimum bill each month according to their rate classification. This minimum bill ensures that you can stay connected to the electric grid and will be applied regardless of the amount of excess generation your solar system returns to the electric grid.