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New Service FAQ


To apply for new service, please complete a new member application here
A member service representative will contact you once received. 
If you have questions, please contact us at (325) 793-8500. 

No, you will not need to be home to have your power connected. You will need to make us aware if there will be any gates or locks that will need to be unlocked in order for the cooperative to install service.

You will receive your first bill on or around the first of the following month regardless of your service date. 
For example, if you sign-up for service March 15, your first bill will be April 1. 

We offer an autopay option along with a bill credit. When you sign up for autopay and e-bill, you will also receive a $5 monthly credit on your bill.

You can view usage through the Taylor Electric app.


You can receive text alerts for usage and outage updates. Call one of our member service representatives at (325) 793-8500 to get signed up. 

Each new application is subject to a credit check which will determine if a connection deposit is required. After your application is submitted, a member service representative will further inform you of the deposit process. 

PCRF stands for Power Cost Recovery Factor. The rate you are charged per kilowatt hour is called a base rate. The base rate includes cost recovery methods for purchasing wholesale power along with other costs of doing service. Since wholesale power costs fluctuate each month depending on the cost of fuels to generate power, the PCRF allows Taylor EC to pass along any decreases or increases without a base rate adjustment. 

There are no profits earned through the PCRF – it is a direct cost of purchasing wholesale power and is paid entirely to the wholesale suppliers. Remember, the cooperative is not in the business to make a profit, but in the business to provide a service. 

Taylor Electric works hard to keep outages to a minimum, but weather and other circumstances are out of the cooperative’s control. Before reporting an outage, it’s important to note a few things:
– First check your fuses or breakers 
– Have your account information ready
– If you know the cause of the outage (tree or limb on power line, broken pole, etc.), be prepared to report this information. 

The most efficient way to report outages 24 hours a day is to call (325) 793-8500 or through the Taylor Electric app. 

Please keep in mind that there can be a large number of members calling at once when outages happen. Member service representatives answer calls as they come in and updates can be seen on the Taylor Electric Facebook page.