Taylor Electric Cooperative


As a consumer at Taylor Electric Cooperative, you’re also an owner!

Like other cooperatives across the country, Taylor Electric follows seven cooperative principles. The 5th principle is Education, Training & Information. This means cooperatives provide education and training to members so they can contribute effectively to the development of their cooperative. In addition to learning about what makes a cooperative different, it’s also beneficial to know how the cooperative provides power and internet to homes and businesses in the community.



What’s on that Pole?

Ever wonder what all the parts of an electric pole do? The image below show ...
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Portable Space Heaters: Keep Warm and Stay Safe

Space heaters can provide extra comfort during cold weather. If not used properly, however, they ...
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Finding the Right LED Bulb

People often say LEDs are too bright. But don’t blame the bulb, just check to ...
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Now you know: Reclosers

Learn how reclosers eliminate extended outages and protect wires and equipment from serious damage.   ...
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What is Your Energy IQ?

  Test your home energy knowledge here! ...
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