Taylor Electric Cooperative


As a consumer at Taylor Electric Cooperative, you’re also an owner!

Like other cooperatives across the country, Taylor Electric follows seven cooperative principles. The 5th principle is Education, Training & Information. This means cooperatives provide education and training to members so they can contribute effectively to the development of their cooperative. In addition to learning about what makes a cooperative different, it’s also beneficial to know how the cooperative provides power and internet to homes and businesses in the community.



Electric Cooperatives are Contributing to a Smarter Grid

It’s a familiar scene: poles and wires stretching into the distance alongside a rural highway ...
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Power of Community

The 7th cooperative principle, Concern for Community, means the cooperative provides more than electricity to ...
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Avoid Scams

The energy industry is undergoing rapid change, and technology is paving the way for innovation ...
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Outage Map: New & Improved

Since Taylor Electric was formed over 81 years ago, many things have changed with the ...
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Spring Efficiency Quiz

Spring is here! Test your student's knowledge of energy efficiency and teach them how to ...
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Going the Extra Mile

Electric cooperatives maintain more miles of power lines per consumer than other types of electric ...
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