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The FASTEST Internet Speeds in Taylor County

Access Fiber offers members up to 1 Gig of service for one flat fee with no data cap.

  •  – 100 Mbps, 500 Mpbs and 1 Gig options
  •  – No data cap
  •  – Free installation
  •  – No device rentals
  •  – Local customer support
  •  – Commercial plans available

Up to 1 Gig of fiber to the home means several devices can be connected streaming videos, gaming or browsing the internet with no interruption to speed, quality or issues with congestion. Fiber is being built to areas in the Taylor Electric service area based on interest and existing infrastructure.

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Members have ACCESS to fiber internet
This did not happen overnight. Fiber is going to be the new light coming on at the co-op. Fiber is going to make people's lives easier.
David McFall
Taylor Electric Board of Directors
Taylor Electric has a true interest in what we need locally. When there was a shortage in internet service, that's something that Taylor Electric really came and said we need to provide that to our customers. Through ACCESS that's something that we're going to be able to get.
Katie Alford
Taylor Electric Member


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