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Join the Taylor Electric Member Network

Electricity wasn’t always available in rural Texas. It was members like you who got politically involved to secure funding for establishing electric cooperatives. The same principle remains strong today: If we don't stay involved in politics, we may be forgotten or ignored in the legislative process. We must keep up-to-date on the issues facing our local cooperatives. We can achieve this goal by creating a strong Member Network.

The Member Network is a grassroots network of Taylor Electric member-owners. From time to time, Taylor Electric will send out updates concerning political and legislative matters affecting your electricity bill and your local cooperative.

Joining the Member Network is free and easy! Simply fill out your survey and submit your email address and phone number on the same form. Look for a copy of the survey in the mail or take the survey online at the link to the right.




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Click the link below to see a brief history of your cooperative.

Go GreenE-BILLING Watch the 75th Annual Meeting here

Go Green and join e-billing today!

Click the globe to Go Green and get $7.50 discount each month you remain on e-bill. Please include your name address, account number and phone number and send an e-mail to Please do not include your credit card information in email correspondence. That is not necessary and is a rule to protect that information. For those members already on e-bill: thanks for leading the way. You will automatically get the credit beginning next billing cycle.

Login to your Secure Member Portal You Can:

  1. Sign up for e-mail alerts.
  2. View your account balance.
  3. Pay your bill.
  4. View your bill history.
  5. View your payment history.
  6. Change your payment profile.
  7. Update your address, phone number and e-mail address.
  8. Sign up for service through our online Application for service.
  9. New and exciting things are happening at your cooperative!

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226 CR. #287 - Wells Lane
Merkel, Texas 79536
(Exit #274)


7966 US Hwy 83/84
Abilene, Texas 79606


Main Office

(325) 793-8500

24 Hour Outage Response

1-877-TEC(832) 1939